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This FAQ is designed to help answer basic questions about FileStorm. If you have questions after viewing these documents, check out the Help section of this website. If you still have questions after viewing these documents, then send as an e-mail.

FileStorm F.A.Q.

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FileStorm Installers 
Are there any limitations to how I name files/folders in my project or in my installer? 1/29/2003
Can a FileStorm installer launch an application during installation? 1/29/2003
Can I assign a minimum OS to have my installer run? 10/31/2002
Can I create an uninstaller? 10/31/2002
Can I make installers in other languages (localized installers)? 1/29/2004
Can I use my own icons for the installer? 10/31/2002
Can I use UNIX shell scripts in my FileStorm installer? 1/29/2003
Do FileStorm installers run in Classic OS? 5/28/2004
How can I add a ReadMe file to an installer? 10/31/2002
How can I change the background in my installer (background when it is launched)? 1/29/2003
How do I add files to a new installer? 10/31/2002
How do I change the action type? 10/31/2002
How do I create installers for the purpose of installing to system locations? 10/31/2002
How do I install multiple files to different locations? 10/31/2002
How do you set user/group permissions for an installed file? 10/31/2002
How does FileStorm differentiate same named files/folders at build time? 10/31/2002
How does the HTML action work? 12/15/2003
How does the Replace If Newer option work in a FileStorm installer? 1/29/2003
I purchased FileStorm and then bought a new computer. Why is registration failing with my valid serial number? 10/31/2002
In the Property Inspector for an installer I see that there is an "Actions" option in addition to "General." What are Actions? 10/31/2002
Is the FileStorm Installer intended to replace Installer VISE? 10/31/2002
Is there a limit on the number of actions I can have in my installer? 10/31/2002
What are some of the features of a FileStorm Installer? 10/31/2002
What does the "~" tilde character mean in a file path? 11/6/2002
What is a support action item used for? 1/29/2003
What is the difference between FileStorm and FileStorm Pro? 10/31/2002
What is the exclamation icon in the action list for? 10/31/2002
When I install a folder, why is it replacing all the contents of that folder if it already exists? 10/31/2002
When I use the "Add Installer" feature, why is the installer added to the project window? 10/31/2002
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