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This FAQ is designed to help answer basic questions about FileStorm. If you have questions after viewing these documents, check out the Help section of this website. If you still have questions after viewing these documents, then send as an e-mail.

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New Questions
Why am I getting an error when I try to build a disk image? 3/20/2006
When my customers download disk image (DMG format) files from my web site, why do some browsers open the files as text to a window, instead of saving the files to disk? 9/6/2005
How does the Replace If Newer option work in a FileStorm installer? 1/29/2003
What is the distribution policy for FileStorm and FileStorm Pro? 11/8/2002
Are there any limitations to how I name files/folders in my project or in my installer? 1/29/2003
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