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Installer VISE is a legacy product for creating installers for System 7.1 through Mac OS X v10.4. It was superseded by VISE X.

How does Installer VISE compare to VISE X and FileStorm?
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 Renewal Information

MindVision is no longer developing Installer VISE. Our focus is now on VISE X, our product for creating Universal installers for Mac OS X v10.2 and later versions. The older product, Installer VISE, is not available for new purchases, but renewals are available to our clients who still need that option. If you have an Installer VISE license and would like to renew it, please contact

 Installer VISE Feature List:
·  Locate and modify application bundles ·  Add items to the Mac OS X Doc
·  Carbon Builder ·  Package Gestalts
·  Easy conversion to Carbon installers ·  Assign External Code Resources
·  One installer for System 7.1—Mac OS X v 10.4 ·  Assign file and folder options
·  Create Mac OS X application bundles ·  Enhanced Applescript support
·  Support for billboards ·  Behind-the-scenes installs
·  Add a splash screen ·  Set permissions for install items
·  Assign a ReadMe File Option ·  Execute UNIX shell scripts from the installer
·  Display Text Option for Easy Install ·  Edit text files
·  Built-in special localization tools ·  Uses Mac OS X install locations
·  Dynamic localization for several languages ·  Authenticate user's access privileges
·  Support for Mac OS X large icons ·  Run custom code according to the OS
·  High performance compression engine ·  Simple graphical user interface
·  "Drag and Drop" supported ·  Custom or generic icons supported
·  Extended Add Dialog box ·  Movable Model dialogs
·  License Agreement Mode option ·  Assign minimum requirements for installation
·  Various archive shortcuts ·  Numerous install locations pre-defined
·  Archive preference options ·  Assign locations for System Folder items
·  Conditional Install options ·  Built-in "Remove"
·  Multiple advanced settings ·  Install multi-file updaters (patches) and files
·  User assigned installer options ·  Built-in action items
·  Auto-incrementing of segment names (in addition to disk names) ·  Both the Archive and Installer recognize all Fat binary files
·  Powerful CD-ROM support ·  Automatic verifying and updating of archives
·  Floppy updates for CD-ROM ·  Resource merging from one file to another
·  Customizable package options ·  List package option
·  Hierarchy package option ·  "Fuzzy Replace" in updating archives
·  Sub-package option ·  Debug installer window
·  Powerful reporting capabilities ·  Easy maintenance
·  AppleEvents supported ·  Flexible online documentation
·  Included language files:
Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Czech, Danish, English, Finnish, Korean, Norwegian, Spanish, Swedish, Chinese (simplified), Chinese (Traditional)

 What's New in version 8.5

Installer VISE has been updated for compatibility with Mac OS X v10.4 Tiger. The changes in this release include:

  • Install locations and Gestalts updated for Tiger
  • All Installer VISE 8.4 hotfixes (versions 8.4a-8.4m)
  • And other enhancements...

Install locations and Gestalts updated for Tiger

For installs to Mac OS X v10.4, Installer VISE now supports searching and installing within the following locations: Autosaved Information, Spotlight Saved Searches, Automator Workflows and Widgets. The new locations are available through the User Domain and the Local Domain.

When you set up your installers to search or install within the locations named above, you can use the new "Has MacOS X 10.4" Gestalt check to ensure that the actions take place only on the proper Mac OS versions.

Hotfixes 8.4a-8.4m and other enhancements

  • Changes were made to enable localized installers to display Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and Norwegian text correctly on Mac OS X v10.4.
  • On Mac OS X, installers now install files with the text encoding hint set to kTextEncodingUnknown. This practice follows Apple's recommendations.
  • Installers now correctly handle UTF-8 characters in the filenames of items that they add to the Mac OS X Dock. This change corrects a display problem that could occur when using the previous Installer VISE version.
  • Installers can now remove Mac OS X Dock items that have UTF-8 characters in their filenames.
  • A bug fix corrects a problem with the password feature not working for Korean, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese installers running on Mac OS X.
  • A German translation error in the dialog that allows web installer users to select a download site is fixed.
  • The number of files a user can add to a VCT at one time is now 32,500, minus the number of files already in the VCT. This restriction prevents crashes that occurred with the previous version when users exceeded the limit.
  • To allow users to include large custom icons in their installers, the previous 65K limit has been removed.
  • When building CD installers on Mac OS 9, Installer VISE no longer fails and displays a -43 error.
  • CD installers now install symbolic links correctly on Mac OS X.
  • Under one specific scenario, performing a Bring Up to Date with the previous version would change a bundle's "Contents" folder so that it displayed in the archive as a bundle. The problem is fixed in this version.
  • Installer VISE now correctly recognizes application bundles when the user drags the bundles into an action item. The previous version sometimes recognized the bundles as folders in this instance.
  • Unified installers no longer crash when running on Mac OS 8.6 with CarbonLib versions 1.1 and higher.
  • For Unified installers running on Mac OS 8.6, the progress bar now displays behind the Find Multiple Occurrences dialog, which provides the correct focus.
  • An intermittent problem with Installer VISE updaters changing the permissions of their parent folders is fixed.
  • The previous version would sometimes crash when comparing files for an updater build. The problem is fixed for this version.
  • A bug fix allows a Find action item to set a variable each time the installer runs, rather than just the first time.
  • A bug fix allows a Find action item with "Search Sub-Folders" enabled and a search location of Variable "InstallVar" to search mounted network volumes.
  • A bug fix allows Find action items to work correctly for installers that are run from network volumes.
  • An external code resource set to execute before a Delete action item no longer causes the action to fail.
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