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This FAQ is designed to help answer basic questions about Intaller VISE. If you have questions after viewing these documents, check out the K.D.B. section of this website. If you still have questions after viewing these documents, then send as an e-mail.

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Installer VISE for Mac F.A.Q.

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Why does the Installer VISE builder display a warning message that the VCT needs to be “crunched”? 5/30/2005
Action Items don't work on aliases. Why? 6/9/2005
Can I move specific forms (such as a registration form) or resources from one archive to another? 6/9/2005
Can I use Installer VISE to create an installer that will install a System Folder on a clean Macintosh? 5/30/2005
Can the installer launch a program that it installs? 11/13/2003
Do I have to include 68K, PPC, and FAT apps in my archive? 11/13/2003
Does Installer VISE support invisible files? 5/30/2005
How can an installer add an alias to the Mac OS X Dock without using external code? 5/30/2005
How can an installer add an alias to the Mac OS X Dock? 5/30/2005
How can an installer detect Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0 or greater? 5/30/2005
How do I change the default text in Installer VISE's dialog boxes? For example, where it asks for a password, I want it to say, "Enter your Company Inc. Registration Code." 6/9/2005
How do I delete the installer after the installation process is finished? 6/9/2005
How do I get an archive created with an older version of Installer VISE to see the gestalts available in a newer version? 6/9/2005
How do I install to specific Mac OS X locations, and when do I need to use Installer VISE's authentication feature? 6/9/2005
How do I install to the /etc directory of Mac OS X? 5/30/2005
How do I make version numbers visible in the archive window detail area? 6/9/2005
How do I retain icon positioning for files installed on Mac OS X? 6/9/2005
How do I show a message dialog box during installation? 11/13/2003
How do I use Build Targets? 5/30/2005
How do I use Installer VISE to install a symbolic link on Mac OS X? 6/9/2005
How does Installer VISE find the version of a Mac OS X bundle? 6/9/2005
I’m using several different action items that search for a particular alias on the user’s computer, but some of these actions can’t locate the alias. What can I do to make all the searches succeed? 6/9/2005
Is there a character limit for text boxes or message actions within Installer VISE? 6/9/2005
Is there a way to force all other applications to quit (including the Finder) before continuing with the install? I noticed there was a flag to not force the Finder Quit, but I need to ensure the opposite behavior. 6/9/2005
Is there any way to control placement of aliases created by action items? In creating the installer for one of our products, I used action items to create aliases. Under the “Icon View” the aliases are created all over the place. 6/9/2005
What do I need to know to build PPC and Carbon external code resources for use with Installer VISE? 5/30/2005
What is the purpose of the “InstallVar” Install To location? 5/30/2005
What is the required format for entering version number as an Installer VISE search criterion? 6/9/2005
What languages files are currently available? 6/9/2005
When I run the Easy Install, the installer only installs the files that meet the gestalt and language settings, but when I run a Custom Install all files are installed regardless of the gestalts or language settings. Why is this happening? 6/9/2005
Why do I receive -43 and -5000 errors when installing on Mac OS X? 6/9/2005
Why do I sometimes see a .DS_Store file inside of a folder in my VCT? 5/30/2005
Why does Installer VISE sometimes install items with different Mac OS X permissions than what I set up in the VCT? 5/30/2005
Why does the Bring Up To Date function sometimes try to add new files to my archive that weren’t there before? 6/9/2005
Why won’t my installer shut down background applications/processes on Mac OS X? 5/30/2005
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