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MindVision Releases VISE X 4.1 for Mac OS X

LINCOLN, NEB. - August 3, 2011: MindVision Software has released VISE X 4.1, an upgrade to its product for building Universal installers for Mac OS X.

VISE X 4.1 is a maintenance release that includes some changes to make installers work better on Mac OS X v10.7 Lion. We are making this release available during the short period of time while we finish up work on our next major release, version 5.0. The updates for VISE X 5.0 will include Lion compatibility and an Intel-native builder. We plan to release it in early September 2011.

New Features

This maintenance release includes the following updates and enhancements:

  • QuickDraw drawing refresh was slowing down some installations, so we made it an option that is turned off by default. The new "Force QD Drawing Refresh" option is available on the Behavior tab of Installer Settings. Leaving it turned off will potentially improve the performance of all installers, and in particular should help speed up installers that deliver many small files.
  • To make navigation easier for users selecting an install destination, installers will now remember the currently selected volume or folder, and default to that location when the user clicks the "Select Folder" button.

For a complete list of changes, please see the Read Me document in the VISE X folder, or visit


This upgrade is free to users with current licenses. Your existing serial number will register the new version.

To download VISE X 4.1, please go to

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