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MindVision Releases VISE X 5.0 for Mac OS X

LINCOLN, NEB. - October 31, 2011: MindVision Software has released VISE X 5.0, an upgrade to its product for building Universal installers for Mac OS X.

With version 5.0, the main updates were for Lion compatibility, and to make the builder a Universal application. (The installers were already Universal applications.)

Lion Compatibility

We have tested this version of VISE X and verified its compatibility with Apple's Mac OS X v10.7 Lion.

Along with the compatibility testing, Gestalts in VISE X have been updated for Lion. You can use the new "MacOS X 10.7 or Greater" Gestalt to ensure that install actions take place only on the proper Mac OS versions.

There was no need to create additional search/install locations for Lion. 

Intel-Native Builder Application

The VISE X builder is now a Universal application, so it runs natively on either PowerPC- or Intel-based Mac computers. As a result of this change, Rosetta is no longer needed for running the builder on Intel machines.

Use Yes/No for Action Item Confirmations

Previously, the confirmation for action items would give the user two choices: OK or Cancel. You now have the option to change those choices to Yes or No. The new option is a project-level setting that is available on the Behavior tab of Installer Settings. Leaving "Use Yes/No for Action Item Confirmations" turned off (as it is by default) will cause action item confirmations to use OK or Cancel.

Ignore Hidden Files Added to Archives

A new option for the builder instructs VISE X to ignore all hidden files. When this option is checked and you add a folder to an archive, hidden files will not be imported. Also, when you update the archive, hidden files will never be marked to be added to the VCT as new files.

The "Ignore Hidden Files" option is available on the Advanced tab of Installer Settings.

Quit Installers after Stopping the Install

Stop Installation actions have a new option called "Also Quit Installer". This option instructs the installer to quit after the Stop Installation action executes, so the user doesn't have to manually quit the installer.

Dramatic Speed Improvements for Building Installers

Build times with VISE X 5.0 are significantly faster than the previous version.

Other Updates and Enhancements

This release also includes the following updates and enhancements:

  • System requirements are unchanged. The builder application requires Mac OS X v10.4 or greater, and installers built with VISE X are compatible with Mac OS X v10.2 and greater.
  • There were no file revisions for this release. Therefore, you should be able to switch your VCTs between VISE X versions 4.0 and 5.0 (or even 3.3 and 5.0) without difficulty. There also is no need to recompile external code that you used with the previous version.

For a complete list of changes, please see the Read Me document in the VISE X folder, or visit


This upgrade is free to users with current licenses. Your existing serial number will register the new version.

To download VISE X 5.0, please go to

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