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Macintosh products At A Glance
MindVision offers three superior Macintosh installer products -- each with their own strengths and feature sets -- in order to meet the needs of a variety of developers. To find the best installation solution for you, use the quick reference chart below. For more details, see the chart that follows.

  • Create full-featured Universal (universal binary) installers optimized for Mac OS X
  • Powerful presentation capabilities, with support for popular multimedia formats such as QuickTime and Flash
  • XML language translator option
  • Create full-featured installers for both Classic Mac OS and Mac OS X
  • Run custom code according to the operating system
  • Install multi-file updaters (patches) and files
  • Easy-to-use, WYSIWYG tool focused on creating Mac OS X disk image installers
  • Powerful presentation capabilities, with support for popular multimedia formats such as QuickTime and Flash
  • Ability to burn CDs
  • What are the differences between Installer VISE, VISE X, and FileStorm Pro?

    Builds universal binary installers X X
    Builder for working in Mac OS X X X X
    Simple graphical user interface X X X
    Built-in action items X1 X1 X1
    Numerous install locations pre-defined X2 X2 X2
    Uses Mac OS X install locations X2 X2 X2
    Assign minimum requirements for installation X3 X3 X3
    Work with installer project data as XML X
    Conditional Install options X X
    Built-in uninstaller X X X
    Authenticate user's access privileges X X X
    Set permissions for install items X4 X4 X4
    Call custom code during installation X X
    Execute UNIX shell scripts from the installer X X X
    Mac OS X disk image build target X5 X5
    BinHex/MacBinary post processing X
    Gzip post processing X6 X6
    Support for Shadow Folders X
    Installer builds as an application bundle X X X
    Mach-O prebinding support X
    Locate and modify application bundles X X
    Control the builder/installer with AppleScript X X X
    AppleEvents supported X X X
    Support for Mac OS X text/graphic file formats X X
    Ability to set a background installer graphic X X
    Display PICT files in splash screens/billboards X X X
    Display QuickTime movies in splash screens/billboards X X
    Display a Read Me X X X
    Capability to export/import extended forms X
    Installers display a standard Mac OS X user interface, including Aqua fonts and controls, Mac OS X property sheets and installer background images with transparency X X
    Display a license agreement/require acceptance X X X
    Support for Mac OS X large icons X X X
    Add items to the Mac OS X Dock X X
    Web installer capabilities X X
    Up to 255 characters for file and folder names X X
    Use up to 31 characters for variable values X
    Use up to 255 characters for variable values X
    Package Gestalts X X
    Assign file and folder options X X
    Edit text/plist files X7 X7
    Built-in special localization tools X8 X8 X8
    Dynamic localization for several languages X X
    XML translator option for localization X
    Auto-incrementing of segment names (in addition to disk names) X X
    Powerful CD-ROM support X X X
    Automatic verifying and updating of archives X X
    Resource merging from one file to another X X
    Customizable package options X X
    List package option X X
    Integrates with the eSellerate sales system X X
    Hierarchy package option X X
    Debug installer window X X
    Powerful reporting capabilities X X
    Custom or generic icons supported X X X
    Extended Add Dialog box X X
    Behind-the-scenes installs X X
    One installer for System 7.1-Mac OS X v10.4 X
    Run custom code according to the OS X
    Assign locations for System Folder items X
    Install multi-file updaters (patches) and files X X
    Automatically create bundle updaters X
    UTF-8 character support X X

    1  VISE X provides nineteen built-in action items while Installer VISE provides seventeen and FileStorm Pro provides eight. Of the FileStorm Pro action items, five relate to the user interface, one executes a UNIX script, one specifies an item as an install item and one designates an added file as a support file.
    2  VISE X and Installer VISE allow the user to select a domain and a pre-defined install location for each item to be installed on Mac OS X. Compared to the other two applications, FileStorm Pro provides a simple system for setting install locations. It does not allow domain selection, and offers a smaller number of pre-defined install locations. However, you can type in a path manually to specify an install location with FileStorm Pro.
    3  Minimum requirements for installation options:
         · VISE X: CPU, system version and user authentication
         · Installer VISE: CPU, system version, physical RAM and user authentication
         · FileStorm Pro: system version and user authentication
    4  VISE X and Installer VISE have built-in support for setting each install item's group and permissions. FileStorm Pro will always set the install item's owner to the current owner and group. More control is possible by using scripts.
    5  VISE X builds to .dmg files; Installer VISE builds to .img files; FileStorm builds to both .dmg and .img files.
    6  VISE X produces .tar.gz files; FileStorm produces .gz files.
    7  Plist editing is available in VISE X only.
    8  VISE X and Installer VISE provide built-in tools for localizing installers. FileStorm Pro does not provide localization tools, but does support displaying license agreement and Read Me files according to the language in use (as do the other two applications).

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