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Superior customer support is a respected tradition at MindVision and our customer care program is designed to ensure that we exceed your expectations.

At MindVision, technical support is as important a priority as our technology innovations. Our friendly, knowledgeable tech support team is available to answer your questions and provide assistance via telephone, e-mail, or through our web site. We pride ourselves on immediate, knowledgeable response.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When contacting MindVision Support, you will need to have your serial number either included in the email or ready to provide over the phone.

You will be able to find your serial numbers using either of the following methods.

VISE X for Mac OS X:
     File > Register

Installer VISE for Mac:
     File > Register

Installer VISE for Windows
     Help > About Installer VISE

 On-line Answers

Frequently Asked Questions
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· Installer VISE for Windows FAQ
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 Reaching Tech Support

· Email:
· Upload file to tech support
· Phone: (402)-323-6600 ext. 39703.

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