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Installer VISE for Windows F.A.Q.

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Are source file paths stored in the archive with relative or absolute paths? 6/9/2005
Are there any features in Installer VISE that are not supported for a 16-bit installer? 5/30/2005
Before I install a new version of my product to a computer that has an older version, I want to ask the user whether to overwrite the older files. How do I prompt the user to make this decision? 5/30/2005
Can an installer delete itself after a successful installation? 5/30/2005
Can an installer determine whether a user selects an install location on a local drive or a network drive? 5/30/2005
Can I add functionality to my installer by using a Run Application item with rundll32.exe? 6/9/2005
Can I set up a Custom Screen to allow the user to browse for a folder, and then store the path to the userís selection in a variable? 5/30/2005
Can Installer VISE create an AutoRun CD? 5/30/2005
Can Installer VISE install to a Pocket PC device? 5/30/2005
Can Installer VISE set the "Compatibility Mode" for an application on Windows XP? 5/30/2005
Can Installer VISE set up a default screen saver for the target system? 5/30/2005
How can I edit the button captions and other text strings displayed by my installer? 5/30/2005
How can I set a custom icon for a program displayed in Add/Remove Programs? 5/30/2005
How can I specify the default user name and organization for my Registration Information screen? 6/9/2005
How can I use an external graphic file for the Splash Screen dialog? 6/9/2005
How can I use the "Authenticode support" option in Installer Properties? 5/30/2005
How do I move items within the Installer VISE archive window? 5/30/2005
How do I specify the parent directory of a location stored in a variable? 5/30/2005
I changed my side panel graphic and rebuilt my installer, but the old graphic still appears when I test the installer. How can I correct this? 6/9/2005
I have several batch files included in my installer that I run after installation. On Windows NT, the DOS window closes automatically, but on Windows 95 or 98 the window remains open. What can I do? 6/9/2005
I set a Run Application action item to launch another setup.exe but that executable never launches. Why is that? 5/30/2005
Is Installer VISE compatible with 64-bit versions of Windows? 6/19/2007
Is there any way to assign values to variables, without doing it within the installer logic? 5/30/2005
Since the AutoCreate Updater Archive function does not create the Find actions needed by individual updater items, what do I need to do to create the Find actions? 5/30/2005
What are the functions of an install itemís Actions tab? 5/30/2005
What are the functions of the Installer Properties window? 5/30/2005
What conditions will cause the installer to prompt for a restart? 5/30/2005
What is the purpose of the "Donít Install Folder (Placeholder)" option for archive folders? 5/30/2005
Which Windows DLL files may be required by an Installer VISE installer executable? 5/30/2005
Why do some files take an unusually long time to add to the archive? Also, why do those same problem files sometimes not appear in the archive until after the archive is closed and then re-opened? 5/30/2005
Why does Installer VISE not launch when I double-click it? Why does Installer VISE not maximize when I double-click it? 5/30/2005
Why does my installer compress into one large segment instead of multiple segments? 11/13/2003
Why does my installer slow down as the install progresses? 11/13/2003
Why is my installer running very slowly in comparison to similar installers that Iíve created? 5/30/2005
Why wonít my installer launch? 5/30/2005
Will my installer set the machine back to its original state if the end user cancels the install? 5/30/2005
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