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Installer VISE for Windows F.A.Q.

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Can my installer determine whether or not a path that was previously stored in the registry or an INI file is a UNC path? 6/9/2005
How can I externally set the Target Directory (contained in the variable %TargetDir%) at installer run time? 6/9/2005
How can Installer VISE edit the environment path for Windows NT? 6/9/2005
How can Installer VISE write binary data to the Windows registry? 6/9/2005
How can Installer VISE write Expandable String (REG_EXPAND_SZ) values to the Windows registry? 6/9/2005
How can my Installer VISE installer properly install and register PostScript Type 1 font files? 6/9/2005
How do I create a backup copy of the registry entries I plan to change with the new release of my product? 6/9/2005
How do I set my installer to execute an action item only if a Read Registry Entry succeeds? 6/9/2005
How do you set the environment variable Path? 6/9/2005
What specific version information does Windows store in the registry? 6/9/2005
What types of self-registering files does Installer VISE support? 6/9/2005
Why are my self-registering files not registered after the installation is complete? 6/9/2005
Why canít Installer VISE use REG files that I exported with Registry Editor (Regedit.exe) version 5? 6/9/2005
Why can't I register this file type with active movie? or Why can't I register file types that call applications that need parameters? 6/9/2005
Why does my installer (built with the Visual Basic Project Wizard) incorrectly register one of my ActiveX components? 6/9/2005
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